Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spider Web Deviled Eggs

I saw a picture of these in a magazine a few weeks ago and thought they were so awesome. However, when reading the recipe I realized it made absolutely no sense. So I did what I thought was the correct way. And it worked for the most part. My suggestion for the recipe is when you crack the egg, make sure the cracks are large and go through the membrane layer if possible. If not you will end up with some areas that are a lot darker than others which is what happened to my eggs. But considering that, I thought it still turned out awesome and is a really cool simple trick to add a little spunk to your Halloween themed deviled eggs. A small note on the ingredient portions is I always make these to taste and texture so the values below are approximate.

6 eggs (room temp.)
1/4 - 1/3 c. mayo
1/2 tsp. season all
whole olives and sliced olives

1.  Boil eggs, roughly 15 minutes.

2. Let cool enough until to be able to handle.
3. In the mean time, prepare a bowl of water and using black dying gel, dye the water black.

4. Once the eggs are cool, carefully crack the shell. Make sure there are cracks all the way around the egg.

5. Place the eggs in the water and let it set for a few hours (roughly 3 or so).

6. Remove eggs from the dye and towel off the extra dye.

7. Remove the shell from the eggs to reveal cool crackly pattern.

8. Cut the eggs in half.

9. Remove the yokes into a small bowl and set egg whites aside.

10. Crush the yokes with a fork.

11. Add mayo, seasoning, and stir until well mixed.

12. Carefully spoon mixture back into egg whites.
13. Take whole olives and cut them in half (spider body).
14. Take sliced olives and cut them in half (spider legs).

15. Place olive pieces on egg yoke mixture in the form of a spider.
16. Stuff face!

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