Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweet Roaches

It wouldn't be Halloween without doing some sort of gross treat that most people probably won't eat. Last year it was the Kitty Litter Cake. This year it is Sweet Roaches made from dates, chocolate, and melted caramels. 

Seriously how gross and creepy are these?! When I bought the dates to make these, just them sitting in the package kind creeped me out. They looked like crushed cockroaches in a box. I got the idea for these from What's New, Cupcake?.

24 dates, pitted
24 soft caramels
12 black candy coated chocolates
chocolate frosting

1. Place 4 to 5 caramels on a plate and warm up in the microwave, about 10 -20 second.
2. Flatten out the caramel and let sit to cool, about 10 minutes.

3. Cut out the wing pattern, shown below.

4. Use a skewer to create lines in the wings.

5. Place wings on date.

6. Cut the black candies in half and attach the candy to the front of the roach with chocolate frosting.

7. Pipe on chocolate antennas.

8. Watch your friends be completely grossed out and stuff face!

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