Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chocolate Rose Spoon Truffles

I have been super busy, so for this Valentines Day, I wanted a delicious treat that was easy to make. I am a sucker for truffles but was not in the mood to get covered in chocolate in the dipping process. So truffles on a spoon seemed the way to go. Quick, easy, and clean. :D   


Ever create something random that really serves no purpose but you are immensely proud of it? Well in the process of making the truffles, I realized I had to somehow put 60 spoons full of ganache in my tiny freezer (which is 75% full of food by the way). So I was determined to get all of the spoons on one cookie sheet. And I succeeded with all but one...go figure.

So proud of my spoon weave! I had to redo it later because I needed all of my spoons to be level, but I am still proud. Please note I did a double batch of the recipe below. 

White Chocolate Rose Ganache:
1 c. heavy cream
16 oz. white chocolate
2 tsp. rose water
Pinch of salt
1 drop red food coloring (optional)

Spoon Truffles:
White Chocolate Roses Ganache
12 oz. dark chocolate (I used 60% bitter-sweet)
36 plastic spoons
heart sprinkles (optional)

White Chocolate Rose Ganache:
1. In a double boiler over medium heat, heat cream until hot.

2. Slowly add white chocolate and allow it to melt. Stir until smooth (if you have a few small pieces refusing to melt, it is okay).

3. Add rose water, salt, and food coloring (turns out I was out of food coloring so I left it white). Mix well, then place in the fridge to cool until solidified (This will take a few hours to cool. This is where I messed up because I was impatient and my ganache was not completely solidified, so I could not put as much as ganache as I could of in the spoon. Either way it will work, just depends on how much ganache you want in the spoon.)

4. Once cool, scoop the ganache into an electric mixing bowl and whip until light and fluffy.
5. Pipe or spoon ganache into decorative spoons. Freeze (I let mine freeze overnight).

6. Melt dark chocolate in a double-boiler over medium-low heat. Gradually add chocolate over time and continue to stir until it all melts.

7. Once completely melted, turn heat to low.

8. Dip the spoons into the dark chocolate. Wave the spoon a little to remove extra chocolate, then lay on wax paper to dry.

9. Gently place heart sprinkle on each spoon. Do this quickly, the chocolate hardens very fast. Place in fridge to harden chocolate, about 5 minutes.

10. Stuff face! It's like eating flowers!

Original Recipe

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