Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seattle Food: Part 1/3

Hello Giggling Chefs!

I finally made it to Washington. I am currently living in temporary housing in Seattle. My apartment is on 2nd Avenue just two blocks from Pike's Place. Since I am only in this apartment for a month I have decided to not stock my fridge but instead try to eat somewhere new everyday. I know I have not posted anything in quite some time so I thought why not post about the restaurants and bars I have come across during my stay in the city. So here begins part 1 of Seattle Food.

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery
This is Russian bakery that serves a variety of pastries and hand held pies. I walked by this place and the smell of dough and powdered sugar was so strong I thought, "I am coming here for breakfast tomorrow." So I did. I asked what they recommended and I ended up with a beef and cheese Piroshky. It reminded of a slightly more seasoned Kolache.

(Meat and Cheese Piroshki - sorry for the slightly blurry photo)

Nice soft bread with a very well seasoned beef topped with cheese. It was just big enough to fill me up but not feel stuffed. I highly recommend this place. I am definitely going back to work my way through the menu. During the week this place is pretty empty in the morning, but during the weekend there is a line out the door and down the street.

Pikes Place Chowder
Being originally from California just south of San Francisco, I am highly judgmental about anyone's clam chowder especially when it is in a bread bowl. Seattle being the seafood city it is, I went on the hunt for a good chowder. Pikes Place Chowder is located in Post Alley, a small alley full of shops and food just a street from Pikes Place. It is a small little restaurant with enough seating inside for no more than 20 people. I went during the week for lunch and there was a line out the door. I figured to start off I would get the classic clam chowder in a bread bowl.

(Clam chowder in a bread bowl)

Creamy. Chunky. Delicious. Good quality bread they keep warm before serving. I like a chowder with big pieces of potato which this one has and huge clams. But if you do not feel like clam chowder, they have several varieties ranging from smoked salmon chowder to southwestern chicken and corn chowder. Can't decide what you want...they do chowder flights. Let me say that again. CHOWDER FLIGHTS. You can choose four 5 oz. samples to try. That is awesome.

Steelhead Diner
One day I decided to just walk around the city to see what I could find. After about an hour of wandering, I started to get hungry and set out to find some lunch. I saw the sign for a diner and thought just some ole eggs and hash browns sounds good. Then I walked in and found this wasn't your typical diner. A really nice location over-looking Pine Street with a view of the water and Pikes Place. It has a full bar with a few tables in the back.

Their menu is a fancy take on diner food. Instead of a bowl of fruit you could get apples wrapped with prosciutto. Instead of tater tots you can order dungeness crab and bay shrimp tater tots. You get the idea. So since I was in the mood for eggs I got Sequimbled Eggs. Basically a play on eggs benedict. Poached eggs over jumbo lump dungeness crab meat and sourdough toast topped with hollandaise.

(Sequimbled Eggs)

Oh baby. This was good. The runny egg, the creaminess of the hollandaise, crunch of the toast and the huge pieces of crab...I had no problem downing this meal. Washed it down with a nice scotch ale and I was in heaven. 

Rachel's Ginger Beer
Located just under Steelhead Diner, Rachel's Ginger Beer offers a large variety of homemade ginger beers. But you can get more than just the beer. You can order mixed drinks or even milkshakes with the ginger beer. They also sell growlers so you can take your favorite home. The one unfortunate thing about this place is they do not offer flights. They only give out these itty bitty baby samples that are half a sip. So I just went for it and got hibiscus ginger beer.

(Hibiscus Ginger Beer)

This stuff is pretty good. It has got the sweet from the hibiscus but to be honest I am not sure I could tell you it was hibiscus. Tasted just like sugar. Then you can definitely tell they use fresh ginger. Drinking this stuff burns your mouth like you ate something spicy. Even with the good flavor, I found it a little difficult to drink just on its own. I bet it would be much better in a mixed drink or a milk shake.

This place was recommended to me by the bartender at Steelhead. A dive bar located on 2nd Avenue with a Coney Island theme. It is dimly lit with pinball machines for tables.

There is an arcade in the front and a pinball machine room in the back. They even have a pinball league that competes once a month. They have a couple of my favorites including Indiana Jones and the Adams Family. 

They also have a small menu consisting of just hot dogs. I had the Chili Cheese Big Top Hot Dog.

(Chili Cheese Bit Top Hot Dog)

Yes there is a hot dog underneath there. You can get it topped with onions and jalapenos if you want to add the extra heart burn. I actually thought this was pretty good. It's definitely a knife and fork dog, but it has got good flavor and the chili is not too bad either. Not spicy at all. Great for soaking up the late night beer.

The Gum Wall
Okay obviously there is nothing to eat or drink here but it is a food landmark sort of. This is the Gum Wall. The Market Theater is literally covered with chewed gum.

::Shiver:: This is cool but really gross. :D I just can't image how much saliva is on this wall.

If you are interested in leaving your gum here, the Gum Wall is located in Post Alley underneath Pikes Place.

Stay tuned till next week to see what else I find.

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